AVA Labs’ mission is to develop a new way to create, discover, and exchange assets, all while remaining fully compliant and providing strong assurance. To achieve this, we are reimagining how financial markets are fundamentally designed. At our core, we believe no market should suffer from unnecessary transactional costs, lack of liquidity due to isolated markets, and the lack of standardization across all mediums of exchange.

We are at a pivotal moment in the development of distributed ledger technology (often times referred to as blockchain), where there is a need to redefine the archaic DLT architecture where there is one blockchain with one virtual machine, scripting language, and key plugin features. In order to serve the complex needs of international markets and the tokenization of assets, there needs to be a permission-less platform where anyone can create their own compliant network (or market) for their own specific needs, while also being able to frictionlessly transact with other networks. At AVA, we are building a universal language, network, and marketplace for the creation, discovery, trading, and storage of assets. Ultimately, the AVA platform enables 3rd party sellers to interact in one unified platform, which allows them to lower their costs to list and sell goods while benefiting from compounding network effects.

At AVA Labs, we are leveraging Avalanche consensus to build a flexible platform-of-platforms, enabling the ability to deploy any subnetwork for all types of digital assets and applications. By building the AVA platform, we are creating the right foundations for the future of finance and money. In our endeavors, we are tackling some of the hardest problems that exist at the intersection of distributed systems, cryptography, economics, and social impact.

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